Not All Heroes Wear Capes Music Album Review (Metro Boomin)

‘If Young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon shoot you’. That was the catchphrase of 2015, turned into several internet memes.

Coined from the Future and Drake project ‘What a time to be alive’, released in September of 2015. This project shot an already established Metro Boomin into superstar Producer status.

Although already known to many in the game, particularly of his production on the Future hit single ‘Karate chop’ from Future’s 2014 sophomore album ‘Honest’.

From Future’s chart-topping song of 2017 ‘Mask off’ to the Migos viral ‘Bad and Boujee’, Metro has produced the biggest hits from our favorite artists in the game.

Kodak Black’s Tunnel vision also comes to mind as does Post Malone and Quavo’s ‘Congratulations’. These were all viral hits produced by the Maestro.

Let us not forget how he introduced us to 21 Savage through their highly successful 2015 E.P ‘Savage Mode’. Needless to say Metro has had a large impact on the current commercial domination of trap music.

In a sub-genre largely characterized by less lyrical input, we don’t give enough credits to producers who create the atmosphere for these Artists to grace us with breathtaking flows.

After a largely successful 2017, what another way for Metro Boomin to cement his legacy than to grace us with an album?

With the industries top acts just a phone call away, an album filled with industry elites is expected. In this regard Metro doesn’t disappoint, there is always a risk of overcrowding songs with artists that don’t fit. This is evident from Dj Khaled’s earlier albums.

There is an interesting exclusion from the album however, Future is a long-term partner and frequent collaborator doesn’t feature. Asides this, the line up is as predictable as a J Cole album with no features.

A surprise, however, is the inclusion of Nigerian superstar Wizkid, who features on two tracks on the album. In fairness to Metro he does step out of his comfort zone dishing out not just trap bangers but also summer and radio-friendly singles. A lot of samples were used on the album, showcasing the Missouri born Producer’s good ear for music.

I would be making a track by track detailed review of the album, giving my opinions on production and artist chemistry.

10 am – Save The World (Ft Gucci Mane)

Gucci Mane and Metro go way back, with the pair releasing a joint project in 2017 ‘Droptopwop’.

Some soothing melodic keys and bouncy drum kits make up the intro of this album. Gucci sounds laid back with a swaggalicious flow. ‘Gave Metro a million told him not to quit’, in 2017 Metro hinted he was going into retirement.

Gucci posted on Instagram that he had offered him a million dollars to change his mind. This just tells you how much Metro means to Gucci. The sample in the outro is from the 1974 song ‘Save The World’ by the loving Sisters.

A relaxing and mind soothing intro that welcomes you to the album’s vibe.

Overdue (Ft Travis Scott)

Travis gets his own track on this album, deservedly considering he’s been one of the traps most consistent performers in recent times.

I’m loving the soft vibe on the album’s instrumentals so far, Travis is swimming through the wave on this one. In usual auto tuned Travis voice he ‘hmms’ his way through the hook. 21 savage on the outro adlibs is nice to hear.

A short song that makes Travis Scott’s fans reminisces on his ‘Days before Rodeo’ vibe.

Don’t Come Out the House (Ft 21 Savage)

21 Savage and Metro were made for each other. 21 feels at home on Metro’s production.

This beat sounds like a savage mode clone with 21 bragging about his gang in the hook. 21 Savage might be inventing a new genre on this track, he’s literally whispering on the verse.

Weird, but definitely a yes for me. This pair can hardly do any wrong.

Dreamcatcher (Ft Swae Lee, Travis Scott)

Swae Lee, the hook master from the group Rae Sremmurd features alongside Travis Scott on this track. An interesting line up that looks appealing on paper.

The production on this album has to be commended so far, with Metro predictably saving his best beats for this project. Swae Lee’s voice melts effortlessly into the beat with Travis providing backup. This is a joint for the late-night cruise.

Metro couldn’t have picked a better duo for this beat, as they both do justice.

Space Cadet (Ft Gunna)

Gunna, one of Young Thug’s disciples is relatively unknown on the large scale but has been buzzing in Atlanta for a while. Metro was executive Producer on Gunna’s 2017 mixtape ‘Drip Season 3’, so the pair are quite known to each other.

This existing relationship is evident with Metro dishing out a synth-filled instrumental, which Gunna’s flow matches effortlessly. ‘Addicted to codeine where the lean at’, this is a personal favorite for me.

An unreal futuristic instrumental coupled with Gunna’s melodious flow, this track is a sure banger.

10 Freaky Girls (Ft 21 Savage)

10 Freaky Girls is another 21 collaboration with Metro Boomin.

This album has a dark bouncy instrumental with 21 Savage which sounding so lively. He brags about his guns and sexual endeavors. These samples are Kanyeesque, this time he samples ‘If only you knew’ by Patti LaBelle. 21’s outro was a comic relief we weren’t expecting.

A trumpet influenced instrumental that bangs hard, 21 also comes through on this one.

Up to Something (Ft Travis Scott, Young Thug)

Travis Scott and Young Thug this brings back memories of that classic from days before rodeo ‘Skyfall’.

Produced alongside superstar Atlanta producer and frequent collaborator Southside, this is a wavy beat.

Travis Scott’s mumbling melodies takes this track to a different vibe. Young Thug isn’t left out, he delivers a drug-infused hook. I wonder how much lean was downed in this session.

Metro so far has managed to get the right artists on the right beat, an uneasy task to be fair.

Only One [INTERLUDE] (Ft Travis Scott)

Another Travis Scott feature, although it’s just a short interlude.

Some rich keys and synth are playing here. Travis sounds like a wounded lover lamenting with a broken heart.

Lesbian (Ft Gunna, Young Thug)

Mentor and mentee collaborate on this track.

Gunna handles the hook, as he expresses his frustrations at a girl who is unable to love him back. I can listen to Thugga and Gunna switch flows all day.

Metro is really a genius at switching the beat, and that transition from the Travis interlude is as smooth as they come. I really love the arrangement of the tracks on this album.

Borrowed Love (Ft Swae Lee, Wizkid)

Swae Lee and Wizkid at this point you have to appreciate Metro’s vision.

You probably heard of Wizkid from the chart-topping Drake summer smash hit ‘One Dance’.

Arguably the biggest act out of Africa, he continues to break into the international market.

This beat is a little different from what you will expect from Metro. It’s a summer-themed song. Swae Lee has an angelic voice, I really don’t know how he does it.

The beat samples Wendy Rene’s ‘After laughter’. Wiz adds spice with his vibe, making this another favorite for me.

This track is blessed with potential. I wish Wizkid was more involved in the chorus though.

Only You (Ft Wizkid, J Balvin, Offset)

This is a crazy lineup, three artists with different cultures, vibes and fan base altogether on a track.

This is a dancehall beat with Wizkid on the chorus. At this point, I’m not sure there’s any beat offset can’t flow on. He sounds natural even outside his comfort zone.

J Balvin adds some Latin America vibe on it. Wizkid has lived up to the hype so far.

This track depicts Metro Boomin’s versatility as he steps out of his comfort zone. It’s a track worth taking note of.

No More (Ft Kodak Black, 21 Savage, Travis Scott)

21 Savage and Travis Scott have featured the most heavily on this album so far. Metro calls another long-time collaborator on this one.

Kodak Black’s highest-charting song ‘Tunnel vision’ was produced by Metro Boomin.

It’s a dark trap intoxicating instrumental that leaves space for the artists to deliver a drug enthused song. They talk about their love for trap’s favorite drug ‘lean’. ‘I feel weak for using drug to ease the pain’, 21 raps.

Watching 21 Savage go from basic to multi-syllabic rhyming is like watching your niece go from mumbling words to making full complete sentences. His lyrical growth has truly been a delight.

What’s a trap album without a song dedicated to one of the trap’s favorite topics. This is a song that would appeal to the stoner section of the fan base.

No Complaints (Ft Offset, Drake)

Metro calls out the big Dawg for this. Drake is as big as you get in the game, with everything he touches turning gold. He partners with Offset on this track. There are some reports that this was initially meant to appear on the Migos 2017 album ‘Culture’.

The early release date seems to collaborate with the report and it is indeed listed as a bonus track.

  • Metro with some dark synths over heavy 808 kicks.
  • Offset delivers a wavy hook.
  • He has truly showcased his versatility on this album.

This is more natural territory for him and his adlibs prove that. Drake delves in matching offset’s flow yet putting.

Metro Boomin’s infectious instrumental gives the artists space to flex with braggadocious lyrics and swaggalicious flow. This is basically them saying they are too rich to complain, their outrageous net-worths backing up their statements.


Metro Boomin cements his place as one of music’s most talented producers. He delivers a balanced album that showcases his musical dexterity. An underrated feat considering most producers have failed in their attempt to release a balanced project.

Mostly saturated with overcrowded songs and a lack of direction. Metro manages to move out of his comfort, providing us with summer songs and working with artists we wouldn’t naturally expect.

The instrumentals are not overcooked in an attempt to be outstanding, a mistake common with a lot of Creatives in their prime. From 21 Savage’s whispering flow to Wizkid’s afro vibe, Metro has crossed genres on this project.

Not all heroes wear capes as the album is titled shows Metro has the hero of trap and music in its entirety. Metro faces the greatest challenge of all, where he goes next after this masterpiece.

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