“Pretty Girls Love Trap Music” Album Review

2 Chainz is no newcomer to the game. He has been present since the days of the Playaz Circle. Although under a different name, ‘Titty Boi.’ Pretty Girls Love Trap Music Album was released on June 16th, 2017.

Most people had written 2 Chainz off as an artist past his prime, but he reinvented himself and flooded the scene with trap bangers and guest features.

His verse on Good Music’s 2012 viral hit ‘Mercy’ was considered by many to be the best. That was an impressive feat considering more lyrical rappers such as Kanye West, Pusha T, and Big Sean also made appearances.

This album, his fourth, comes after a collaborative album with long term friend Lil Wayne.

‘Collegrove’ coined from their respective neighborhoods, took a very different approach compared to Pretty Girls Love Trap. This is a body of work built to have more commercially successful songs and trap anthems.

Over the past years, Chainz has often blessed us with trap anthems and quotable lyrics. As good as that might appear, he hasn’t fully blessed us with a balanced album. His albums are usually overshadowed with underwhelming songs that prevent the few bright ones from reaching par. Could this be the album where 2 Chainz finally reaches full potential and delivers?

I would be doing a track by track review of Pretty Girls Love Trap Music album.

Saturday Night

On this guitar, laden instrumental 2 Chainz raps in usual fashion about most of his favorite topics. He starts with a slow laid backflow, but the energy rises as the track progresses.

The beat produced by Mike Will Made-It and DuckoMcFliis is really impressive. The electric guitar shines on the production, giving Chainz the space to spit.

He brags about how he hits the strip club every night like its Saturday. He also reminisces about his days in the trap.

2 Chainz boasts that he sold drugs at his own graduation, “Even at graduation, I had a book bag full of yams, tryna multiply.”

This track lacks a flux of the usual 2 Chainz punchlines we are used to, but with the help of the beat, it makes a good intro track.

Riverdale Rd

2 Chainz is alive and energetic on this track, the 808 kicks hit hard, and the lead synth creates a vibe.

He shouts out fellow Atlanta rapper Trinidad James on the hook. The production is from Mano and Mike Dean.

2 Chainz has an exciting way of writing. He gives credit to the old saying. It’s not what but how you say it. From grams to Grammys, now those are the bars we’ve been waiting for.

It’s an interesting track with 2 Chainz floating on the beat.

Good Drank (Ft Gucci Mane, Quavo)

The first guest appearances on the album feature Atlanta legend Gucci Mane and Quavo from Migos. Some soft piano keys from legendary producer Mike Dean.

2 Chainz sounds relaxed and energetic at the same time. He delivers a classic Chainz verse on this joint. Quavo helps Chainz with the adlibs on his verse before delivering a quality hook. Gucci Mane adds steel to his trap God claims.

This was one of the singles released before the album dropped. It’s an album favorite and one for my car playlist.

4 AM (Ft Travis Scott)

This beat from Murder Beatz and CuBeatz is a straight vibe. 2 Chainz delivers with a catchy ‘oooh’ flow. Travis Scott is on the hook with is a usual heavy autotuned voice.

Chainz’s flow is smooth on this track, a couple of quotable lines too. My opinion on the Travis Scott hook is mixed, but I’m sure with a couple of shots in the club you’ll be in the groove in no time.

It’s one of those songs that you probably wouldn’t really enjoy till night out with the squad.

Door Swangin

2 Chainz takes a laidback approach on this track, mumbling some words. The production is decent but nothing mind-blowing from Buddah Bless. He livens his flow towards the song’s end, and switches flow without warning.

An average track with nothing much to talk about.

Realize (Ft Nicki Minaj)

Chainz has a very healthy relationship with the Young Money crew. Some of his best songs have been collabs with Wayne, Drake, and Nicki.

The beat is from FKi, and it’s a slow tempo with few percussions.

The way he fires shots at mumble rappers is hilarious and classic 2 Chainz. Nicki Minaj on the hook with a solemn but decent take. She throws light jabs at Remy Ma.

An alright song, however, I feel Nicki could have done better.

Poor Fool (Ft Swae Lee)

Swae Lee oh my God, he really is the king of trap hooks. His angelic voice makes anything sound good.

This is a personal song with Chainz talking about his mum. We finally have an explanation for the TitiBoi moniker.

It’s a nice song that benefits mainly from a Swae Lee hook.

Big Amount (Ft Drake)

Another Young money feature, Drake and Chainz are longtime collaborators. A strange but effective combination.

Drake reminds everyone he can still rap, a reality check much needed considering his recent releases. Chainz continues to impress with his flow.

A solid showing from both artists. Not necessarily an album favorite but a solid track to say the least.

It’s A Vibe (Ft Trey Songz, Ty Dollar Sign, Jhene Aiko)

I almost forgot about Trey Songz. It’s been a while since we last heard something significant from him. The lineup on the track suggests it’s going to be more RnB based than rap and that’s the case here.

A different vibe from other songs on the album. Produced by Murda Beatz and G Koop it’s a laidback track heavily influenced by its featured artists.

2 Chainz still manages to shine on the track with a calm flow. He can really rap on any instrumental.

A good song and depending on your taste in music might be an album favorite for you.

Rolls Royce Bitch

Remember Bentley truck from collegrove? Chainz loves his luxury cars. With production from Honorable C.N.O.T.E, the guitar sounds like something you’ll hear at a country club.

He shouts outs Good Music artists on this track. This is motivational 2 Chainz bragging about his money and luxuries.

Another average and unspectacular song. There’s not been too many of them to give credit to Chainz.

Sleep When You Die

This beat is pure flames from Buddah Bless. He makes amends for is below par beat on Door Swangin.

This is another motivational song from 2 Chainz. He talks about his earlier struggles and his present-day flexing. “Hard work beats talent,” this is 2 Chainz telling us the importance of putting in work.

An exciting track with well-written lyrics and turned adlibs. 2 Chainz motivating us is proof of his maturity. Asides Gucci Mane and the occasional Future songs, I can’t think of many trap artists that look to inspire like Chainz.

Trap Check

This beat from Buddah Bless has a bounce to it. The song samples two Atlanta rappers, Get Ya Mind Right by Jeezy and ASAP by T.I. This album has been full of Atlanta artists and samples so far. 2 Chainz seems to be keeping it at home.

A nicely written hook with 2 Chainz talking about his cheques and his checklist.

This song might have you wishing you had some money to spare like Chainz. He brags about his cars, girls, and endorsements.

A decent track but I probably wouldn’t be adding this to my playlist. This is also not a track I’ll advise you to play while shopping.

Blue Cheese (Ft Migos)

What’s a trap album without a Migos feature in 2017. Chainz features Atlanta’s hottest music group.

The production from K.Swisha sounds turnt but also leaves the artists with enough space to flourish. Quavo excels on the hook, in what isn’t a typical Migos song.

The chemistry these Atlanta rappers have is interesting to see. Offset has the best verse, in my opinion. 2Chainz angry at his side, chick for getting pregnant for her main man is Chainz being Chainz.

A melodious hook from Quavo, beautiful verses and adlibs make this track a gem.

OG Kush Diet

2 Chainz is known to enjoy his weed like many other rappers. OG Kush Diet you’ll imagine is a reference to the marijuana strain.

However, this track depicts his earlier struggles, ladies and is a time in the trap house. It also talks about how he dealt with the death of his friend; fellow Atlanta rapper ‘Fresh.’

The track starts has a dark and slow trap beat to a funkier Latin American beat.

Another track with mixed reviews for me. On the good side, it showcases his versatility and ability to rap on any production.

Bailan (Ft Pharrell)

Pharell’s music, just like his face, doesn’t get old. It’s an odd collaboration, with production from Pharell.

Pharell delivers angelic vocals on the chorus. I’m not a fan of this 2 Chainz energy and flow.

This track sounds like it’s in Pharell’s world and 2 Chainz is a lost tourist.

Burglar Bars (Ft Monica)

Remember when Monica was the go-to artist for choruses.

Chainz is really rapping on this track. He regrets not doing a song with Jay Z but acknowledges killing every song he did with Kanye West. I really enjoyed his rap on this soulful beat.

What a way to close an album. He delivers a powerful song filled with self-reflection and empowerment lyrics.


2 Chainz promised his fans more maturity, and he certainly delivered that on this album. He gives us songs with positive messages while also delivering traditional trap anthems littered with profanities.

My biggest fear was Chainz flooding the album with below par songs, but to his credit, 75 percent of the tracks are enjoyable and have replay value.

He might not be brought up in lyricist of the year conversations but is style and pen game must be appreciated. It’s a fresh air in a world of hip-hop that prides itself in its diversity.

This might not be the classic album we’ve always wanted from 2 Chainz, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music is arguably his best and most balanced album to date.

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