Young Thug Slime Season 3 Album Review

Released March 25, 2016

Slime Season 3 is the third and last instalment of the famous Slime Season series. The project’s announcement was made by a showcase of funeral proceedings, with slime season written on the casket.

Young Thug has come a long way since his debut commercial mixtape Barter 6 in 2015.

A project in which most of us embraced its diversity.

Slime Season is an 8-track long album which is a positive. I personally don’t enjoy outrageously long projects. No matter how good they might be, listening to the same artist over a long period bores me.

Old heads have most times criticized Trap music for its lyrics misunderstanding that its strength lies not in lyrics but delivery. Young Thug’s ability to break syllables down with an infectious flow is his undeniable strength.

Slime Season 3 represents an end to an era of Thugga has he tries to divert into making more commercial hits.

I will be making a track by track review of the album.

With Them

This track premiered at Kanye’s The Life of Pablo Yeezy Season 3 listening session in Madison Square Garden. Produced by Resource and Mike Will Made-it, an interesting and groovy instrumental.

The album begins with Young Thug rapping on a bouncy beat. He flows with swag and surfs the beat like water. The hook is catchy and somehow keeps ringing in my head. His adlibs are well structured and important to the whole dynamic of the track.

Young Thug’s lyrics can appear basic, cunning and clever all at once. Reading them off the paper they might appear boring but really come to life in his delivery.

An ok track with exciting flows.


This second track is straight fire, I can imagine the studio speakers in flames after this.

Young thug flexes his wealth on us here. He talks about how rich he is just in case you didn’t already know, or as he put it ‘they got the memo’.

Produced by London on tha track, the beat is turnt and inspired so many dance videos.


Thug displays the syllable breaking craft I mentioned earlier on this track.

He displays a different kind of flow that doesn’t really work for me.

A slow tempo song produced by Allen Ritter. My only highlight on this track was his Hooter’s reference.

Slime Shit (Yak Gotti, Lil Duke and Peewee Roscoe)

I love how almost all tracks have a distinct flow.

Interestingly, Thugga himself doesn’t have a verse on this track. He handles the chorus and leaves the rest to his boys. I particularly enjoyed Peewee’s line “And they all fake, like some bitch titties”.


This is one of the four tracks produced by London on tha track for this project. Young Thug’s southern accent makes you think he’s saying ‘horses don’t stop’ when in actuality he says ‘hustlers’.

The vibe is calm and reminds me of the Future. This is some self-reflecting music from Young Thug. He mumbles his words but they leave an impression on you.

This is one of the album favourites for me. I love how different it is from other tracks.

Worth It

Another track produced by London on tha track. Young Thug professes his love for his ex-Fiancée JerrikaKarlae. He promises her of not having to work again and doing whatever to keep their relationship going.

Young Thug mixes love and drug in the song’s lyrics. He admits to cutting down on syrup (codeine) because of her.

Thugga sounds in love and behind all those thugging it isn’t hard to spot.


Young Thug implying that he isn’t scared of someone messing with him because his girl has Tattoos and piercings is quite funny.

His delivery, however, makes this song bang. A melodic trappy beat from London on that track breathes life to the song.


In this final track, Thug raps about his team’s plan to stay on top.

He maintains a steady flow for most of the song.


Slime Season 3 is an upgrade on its slime predecessor. Its track length is exciting rather than discouraging as with the 22-track long slime season 2.

The absence of average songs that often drawback the overall album quality. On slime season 3, Young Thug finally embraces the concept of quality over quantity.

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