Top 10 Best Songs Of Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn a.k.a Future

NayvadiusDeMun Wilburn known professionally as Future is one of trap music’s top act. His musical quality and quantity output can be matched by few in the game.

Future has been on the streets since he was a little child. He talks about selling drugs from his Grand Ma’s house on own of his songs. This is just one of his numerous drug dealing references. His music, however, should not be categorized as the typical trap music. Future’s lyrics can be deep as well as superficial, this diversity coupled with a unique voice are what have kept him relevant in the game till date.

With 7 studio albums and 20 mixtapes, it is a tedious job selecting 10 tracks from his titanic musical archive. This list consists of songs that I would recommend non-Future fans to listen to. Who knows you might just have a change of heart. Take note that these songs are owned by Future and don’t include his guest appearances.

Codeine Crazy

You have to ask yourself how much of a fan you are if this song is unknown to you. At almost 6 minutes song, this track entails deep lyricism from Future.

Released from his 2014 mixtape Monster, this track is one of the best trap songs you could hope for. It is about Future’s addiction to lean (codeine). Future has never hidden his love for the purple drink but on codeine crazy, he describes in details over a melodic instrumental.

Codeine crazy covers topics from drugs, melancholy and hedonism. When future says ‘I say everything triple time, Rollie, AP, Hublot triple time’ he is referencing the effects of codeine. Codeine is an opioid with hallucinogenic properties. It is also known for slowing the nervous system, making things appear in slow motion.

‘I’m an addict and I can’t even hide it’. Future admits he’s a slave to these drugs. His honesty in his addiction is interesting. He mentions how he disguises it all with luxury.

March Madness

Future is full of surprises and march madness is one. Known for his drug and gang influenced lyrics, Future shocks his fans as he becomes socially conscious on this track.

The first part of the chorus is the Future we all know, with a lot of drug and violence mentioned. In the other part, however, he makes mention of police brutality in America. It would be ridiculous to think Future will make a whole song about social vices. He combines lyrics such as ‘These fucking police can’t touch me’ with lines such as ‘Fuck a cougar like she Halle Berry’.

Perhaps Future is telling us how all these flexings can be a distraction from reality. This track comes from his 2015 mixtape 56 nights. The track produced by Tarentino is a reflection of the Future’s perspective on America.

Mask Off

Future’s highest-charting song on the billboard hot 100. Mask off peaked at number 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Future’s infectious hook and Metro Boomin’s flute sampled beat made the song an instant hit. It inspired various flute challenges across the internet.

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Mask Off is a started from the bottom story. “From food stamps to a whole ‘nother domain, ya” Future tells us of how he made it from trapping to luxury.

It is a song about Future’s drug addiction and how he disguises it (mask off).


There are many sides to Future and commas is one. This is Future in turn up mode, the catchy hook and mesmerizing beat make the song an anthem.

Released as a single of Future’s mixtape ‘Monster’, this track became an instant club hit. The beat produced by the duo of DjSpinz and Southsidecreate an anthemic vibe. Future’s flow is golden as he breaks each syllable with swag.

Commas refer to money and Future details how he lets it rain ‘Let’s have a money shower right now’.

Jumpman (Drake)

Perhaps most famous for its immortalized catchphrase from Metro’s tag “If Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon shoot you”. This track is a single from the Drake and Future collaborative album ‘What A Time To Be Alive’.

It projects two artists in their prime having fun. The song is a reference to legendary basketball player Michael Jordan’s clothing line.

Drake and Future might have recorded the album in 6 days but created an evergreen classic.

Low Life (The Weeknd)

Future and The Weeknd’s chemistry is cohesive and admirable on this track. They exchange melodies over a Metro Boomin instrumental

This song is from his 2016 studio album ‘Evol’. In what was a Christmas gift to fans, they talk about topics ranging from cheating, drugs to strippers. Basically, lowlife stuff.

With such undeniable chemistry, it’s surprising that there haven’t been more collaborations between these two artists.

Turn On The Lights

At a time when only a few people had heard about Future, this track introduced a large audience to the Maestro.

Released as the 4th single from his debut album ‘Pluto’, it was a major commercial success. Peaking at number 50 on the US billboard hot 100, it would go on to launch a career ladened with hit tracks.

It is no surprise that Future became known for as the go-to artist for hooks shortly after this track’s release.

The song not only helped to launch Future but also producer Mike Will Made it.

Future floats with ambience on this song. His signature cracked voice alongside his emotional lyrics made the song stand out.

Perkys Calling

Future takes us on a tour of his sober mind on this joint. He talks about how his mind is constantly thinking about getting high when he’s sober. He claims to hear the drugs calling out to him.

This track is off his 2016 mixtape ‘Purple Reign’. The song is produced by Atlanta producer Southside. It really shows what goes through his sober mind as he opens up on his addiction.

He still finds a way to remind us that despite his addiction he’s a successful man ‘Started Rockin Balmain’s like they Levi’s’.

Future is at his best when he pours out his heart in this manner. Perkys calling is Future detailing how addiction isn’t a topic to be treated lightly.

My Collection

Future is heartbroken on this song. He reflects on his relationship with an ex. In usual Future style, he still finds a way to brag about her being in his collection

This track comes off his 2017 studio album Hndrxx. An album blessed with soul searching and reflecting songs. This isn’t Future talking about his car or jewellery collection.

This song is a message to his various exes and he doesn’t sugarcoat the message. ‘Before I tell a lie I’ll tell you nothing’, Future claims to be an honest lover. He blames his ex for being disloyal and cheating on him.

He also addresses his drug use “this codeine ain’t got nothing to do with my Lil child”. This is probably a reply to critics who have questioned his lifestyle and parenting skills.

My collection was produced by Atlanta and German producers Metro Boomin and CuBeatz respectively. A vibey production riddled with deep words from Future Hendrix.

This track is Future in his Drake mode and I find myself loving him a lot.

Red Light

‘Sleeping on the floor made my heart colder’

Future’s mind is heavy on this track, as he reminisces on his days in the trap. He raps about a few of his struggles but places more focus on his victories.

A melodious flow was ladened with his signature autotuned vocals on some soft keys and 808s.

This track is off his 2018 mixtape Beastmode 2 produced by Zaytoven. I love how Future displays his newfound maturity on this track. He talks about his responsibilities as a Father. Future’s relationship with his baby mamas has been dramatic over the years. He reflects on a childhood littered with pain, giving us an insight into how it inspired him to be great.

This isn’t a song you would want to get turned up to in the club but it would definitely leave you with a sober feeling.

You just read about the top 10 best songs of Future. What do you think? How many of them are your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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