Top 10 Best Trap Albums Of 2019

It’s 2019 and trap is still very much around, booming and making a large presence on the billboard hot 100 charts.

Big-name pop artists such as Ariana Grande have even made major hits from ‘biting’ the flow.

This is very much surprising considering old hip-hop heads have constantly stated their displeasure at the basic lyricism and offbeat flow constantly attributed to trap music.

Nonetheless, the trap has been thriving with a fan base ranging from middle school graders to your Grandma.

Below is a list of my top 10 favorite trap albums of 2019.

Rap or Go to The League (2 Chainz)

Release Date: March-1-2019

‘Ex-drug dealer ex-athlete’

2 Chainz tops the list of our top 10 trap albums of 2019.

2 Chainz has come a long way from based on a T.R.U Story, his lyricism has improved and diversified. Four albums later he delivers a very solid album.

His new album is 14 tracks long. On his last album ‘Pretty girls love trap’ he clearly stated he was far from an activist, but he takes on the government on some of the tracks.

LA Lakers forward Lebron James is the executive producer on this album. Featured artists range from Lil Wayne, E-40, Kodak Black, Ty Dollar Sign, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, Marsha Ambrosius to Ariana Grande. We might not all agree that this is his best album but there is little doubt that it’s his most mature.

  • Sam
    This is Chainz going against Uncle Sam. ‘Cops getting paid to protect not shoot kids’ he raps. Complaints about the tax system. I would have loved to hear J Cole on this track.
  • High top Versace
    This is Young thug’s world, Chainz is only living in it.
  • Momma I hit a lick ft Kendrick Lamar
    Chainz and switching flows on this heavy baseline.

Drip or Drown 2 (Gunna)

Release Date: February-22-2019

The album art shows Gunna underwater with an umbrella. Just like the album art depicts his melodic flow sounds so trippy and wavy you would think you were underwater. Arguably his best project to date, Gunna excels on excellent productions from Wheezy and Turbo.

A 16 track album with features from long-time friend Lil Baby, mentor Young Thug and Playboy Carti. Some of my favorite cuts are as follows:

  • One call
    Gunna’s signature flow was made for this beat, he sounds at home with the beat. A wavy song that will definitely make my playlist
  • 3 headed snake ft Young Thug
    Thugga came through with some wavy flows on this beautiful instrumental.

The Wizard (Future)

Release Date: January-18-2019

Is there an artist more hardworking and consistent in the trap game than future?
He drops an album titled after one of his many monikers ‘the Wizard’.

This album is completed with features from Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Gunna.

At 20 tracks long it’s a lengthy project with really solid tracks. A few of my favorites are listed below.

  • Tricks on me
    ‘I’m future Hendrixx but I’m not a guitarist’. A deep reflection from Future over a beautifully made instrumental.
  • Crushed up
    A short but catchy song. Future brags about his diamonds and many luxuries.
  • Unicorn purp
    Gunna and Thugga steal the show on this one. Young thug making adlibs for Future is friendship goals.
  • First off
    Future is in braggadocios mode here. The vocals from Travis are a breath of fresh air.

Father of Four (Offset)

Release Date: February-22-2019

Offset a member of the Migo trinity releases his solo debut album.

A 16-track album that offers solid tracks but its lack of diversity makes it too lengthy. However, he does shine on a few tracks. The album sounds like an Offset album and not throwaway Migos songs which is a huge relief. Below are a few tracks to take note of:

  • Father of four
    The album titled track begins with some words from Big Rube followed by some honest words from the offset. Only Offset would talk about topics this deep over a trappy groovy beat.
  • Clout
    This is an obvious viral song, it takes on the latest online trend. Cardisteals the show with some dope bars and delivery. That Kanye sub is quite funny too.
  • Legacy ft 21 Savage and Travis
    It’s impressive watching the progress of 21 has a rapper, he stamps his flow on the beat.

I Am I Was (21 Savage)

Release Date: December-21-2018

21 has come a long way from joint project with metro in 2016. His new album showcases growth lyrically. This album consists 15 solid tracks.

  • A lot
    ‘My brother lost his life and it turned me a beast’. 21 sounds like a wounded lion reminiscing on his past, it sounds weird in a good way hearing a socially conscious 21 Savage. J Cole sounds so natural on a trap beat, it really is a Cole world, and we are privileged to be living in it.
  • A and T
    This was made for the strip clubs
  • Gun smoke
    In this track 21 is talking about his favorite topic.

Confessions of A Dangerous Mind (Logic)

Release Date: May-10-2019

Logic is a talented rapper that seems to be struggling to reach his peak, his lack of a classic album is proof.

His new album doesn’t fill that void, but like most of its predecessors, it’s still a solid album.

16 tracks long with a solid production and signature rapid-fire flow coupled with a trappy vibe.

  • Ice ft Gucci Mane
    I like the vibe on this one, Gucci Mane came through clean.
  • Still balling ft Wiz Khalifa
    This is a banger, the instrumental hits hard. Wiz puts his stamp on the beat.
  • Homicide ft Eminem

Save Me (Future)

Release Date: June-7-2019

2 Future albums and we are just in June. There is always a chance of watering down the quality with this much music, but future pulls off the impossible.

A solid album with 7 songs. This is a more solemn album in comparison with the Wizrd. An album similar to one of my favorite Future’s albums ‘Hndrxx

  • Government official
    It’s a lovely track with Future giving Putin a shoot-out.
  • Extra

Bad Habits (Nav)

Release Date: March-22-2019

Might come as a surprise to a few of you but Nav’s album “bad habits” have some really good songs.

At 16 songs in length, it gets boring at a point and the criticisms about his lack of diverse lyricism become evident. His usual stories of drug and sex addiction and his transformation from being broke to touring could get boring after a few tracks.

Despite this, some tracks do stand out and I’ll recommend a few of my personal favorites.

  • Tap ft Meek Mill
    It is a short but good workout song, absolutely had a vibe to it. Meek also came through on this joint.
  • Snap is a personal favorite
    The chorus has a catchy vibe, not to forget the Instagram made caption ‘shit they cap bout we don’t even snap’
  • Price on my head ft the Weeknd
    The Weeknd came through for his fellow Canadian on this track.

The World Is Yours (Rich The Kid)

Release Date: March-22-2019

Coming off a successful debut album, Rich the kid stays in his comfort zone on this album. A 16-track album littered with a lot of features.

In truth, it’s a lengthy album that gets boring overtime with little or no playback value.

A few good tracks and some average tracks make up the album. My favorites are as follows:

  • 4 phones
  • Splashin
  • Fall threw

Harverd Dropout (Lil Pump)

Release Date: February-22-2019

Lil Pump became an Internet sensation with his viral song Gucci gang.

His sophomore album Harverd Dropout is a 15-track album. His shallow lyricism often lets him down on most tracks, but I doubt his fans would care.
A few listenable songs for me are as follow:

  • I love it ft Kanye West
    A song that went viral alongside a funny video
  • Stripper name ft YG and 2 Chainz
    This song has a bounce to it. The featured artists do justice to the track.
  • Drug addicts
    Lil Pump telling us his whole squad is full of drug addicts like we didn’t already know. A trap anthem with a catchy hook.


The first half of 2019 saw the release of some solid albums with 2 Chainz’s album being the peak of the park. Let’s all hope the other half blesses us with more refreshing and scintillating music.

Well, these were the 10 best trap albums of 2019 everyone should listen. Did any of your favorite song hit the list? Let me know in the comment section below.

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