Travis Scott Top 10 Songs

Travis Scott represents a new generation of rap artists that transcend the genre. He, alongside Young Thug and some other artists like Migos, has redefined what it means to be a rapper.

Travis’ music is characterized by heavy autotune and synth-filled instrumentals. As a producer himself, Travis is involved with the whole music production process.

For an artist that came to mainstream limelight after his 2015 monster hit ‘Antidote,’ Travis has an incredible amount of musical output.

From days before rodeo to astroworld, there are a lot of tracks that deserve to make the list. These tracks feature Travis Scott has the leading artist.

Pick Up the phone (Young Thug, Quavo)

Another song that highlights the chemistry between both artists. The track appears on both Young Thug’s Jeffery album and also Travis Scott’s Bird in the trap album.

The track details the trio falling in love with a girl that doesn’t when she isn’t busy.

Produced by Frank Dukes and Vinylz, it was initially a collaboration between just Young Thug and Quavo.

Return the show of love. She refuses to pick up her phone even when she isn’t busy.

Produced by Frank Dukes and Vinylz, it was initially a collaboration between just Young Thug and Quavo.

Pick up the phone is the fifth official single between Young Thug and Travis. It features a mesmerizing instrumental that will go on to be remixed by several artists.

Peaking at #43 on the billboard hot 100, it isn’t difficult to see how to pick up the phone is one of Travis’ most iconic songs.

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For a song that wasn’t meant to make the album, the antidote was the turning point in Travis’ career. Debuting at #75 on the billboard hot 100 and peaking at #16, the antidote has been certified 4* platinum.

The track produced by WondaGurl and Eestbound was released on Soundcloud on June 23rd, 2015.

The antidote is a club and summer banger littered with drug lyrics, making it very popular among college students and party-goers.

The antidote will always be remembered for its influence in transforming Travis Scott into a mainstream artist.

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly effect ordinarily refers to the concept that small causes can have significant impacts. But Travis is also referring to the doors on his Lamborghini. Mad flex, I know right.

He also talks about his fame and fortune and how it still won’t make him change.

Produced by Murda, the butterfly effect debuted at #99 and peaked at #50 on the billboard hot 100 charts.

The butterfly effect was one of the leading singles on Travis Scott’s 2018 album Astroworld. Comparisons have been made with Migos’ Slippery featuring trap legend Gucci Mane.

Skyfall (Young Thug)

Can Travis Scott and Young Thug ever come up with a bad song?

The duo delivers a masterpiece on this classic Metro Boomin production.

An infectious hook coupled with golden vocals from the pair makes this track a highlight on the 2014 days before rodeo mixtape.

Despite the drug-influenced lyrics, Travis claims the track is about the older generation of artists not connecting with the younger generation.

A video of the recording session is available on YouTube.

Goosebumps (Kendrick Lamar)

Trap wizard meets the golden boy of rap music. The pair ran into each other at the MTV Video Music Award. In his own words

“I met him at the MTV Video Music Awards one year, and he came up to me and was just like, “Yo, man, I fuck with your music. It’s super dope and inspirational.” I was like, whoa, this is the best rapper in the globe – he fucks with my music! That’s one of the things that made me want to keep working on my music and try to keep it going because I’m not the most rappity rap ass nigga.

That’s not me, but I really love Kendrick’s music. I really love André’s music. I really love ‘Ye’s shit. I really love Jay’s shit. I like rappers. It’s just dope that these dudes came to La Flame’s world to get down on some ill beats.”

Goosebumps featured an impressive apocalyptic video that made the song more impressive.

It’s a love song that Travis admitted to writing in his bedroom at one of the darkest periods in his life.

Produced by Yung Exclusive, CuBeatz&Cardo, the track debuted at #92 and peaked at #32 on the billboard hot 100 chart.

3500 (Future, 2Chainz)

This is the first single off Travis’ debut album Rodeo. He pairs himself with two trap heavyweights in Future and 2chainz.

3500 refers to the price of a fur coat Kim Kardashian got for her daughter North West.

In the usual trap version, the song has almost nothing to do about the coat but mostly with drugs and the trap life.

Future and Travis create an intoxicating vibe. With 2Chainz blessing us with 2chainz bars.

Produced by Zaytoven, the melodic keys drown you in its vibe. The track debuted at #82 on the billboard hot 100 chart.

3500 is a song for the lean sippers and pill poppers. It creates a vibe that you just wanna float in.

Sicko mode (Drake, Swaelee)

The third official collaboration between Toronto’s Drake and Houston’s Travis. The track refers to their insane work ethic.

Sicko mode is infamous for the twitter outrage by Kanye West; it inspired. Kanye wasn’t pleased with Drake’s lyrics “checks over stripes,” which he took as a subliminal diss. He wasn’t too happy with his ‘brother’ Travis allowing Drake to take shots at him on his song.

Produced by Rogét Chahayed, CuBeatz, OZ&Hit-Boy, it debuted at #4 and peaked at #1, making it Travis Scott’s first number-one single.

Swae Lee also adds spice with some additional back up vocals.

Oh My Dis Side (Quavo)

Travis recruits Migos’ Quavo for this track that paints his rise to stardom.

Track number 2 on the 2015 album Rodeo, it features production from

Travis Scott, Frank Dukes&Allen Ritter.

Night Crawler (Chief Keef, Swae Lee)

Titled Night Call initially, Travis pairs with Chicago rapper Chief Keef and one-half of the Mississippi brothers Swae Lee.

The track produced by Metro Boomin, Southside, and Travis Scott himself, create a solemn late-night cruise vibe.

Mamacita (Young Thug, Rich Quan Homie)

Young Thug and Travis have undeniable chemistry. The pair have produced a lot of monster hits together.

Mamacita is no exception to that. A track from Travis’ Days Before Rodeo, produced by Metro Boomin and Dj Dahi and also featuring Atlanta’s Rich Homie Quan.

Rich Homie Quan and young thug have great chemistry. This is evident from the joint Rich gang mixtape. Travis puts this existing connection to good use coming up with Mamacita.


Travis Scott’s music has become associated with quality, and his fans have developed higher expectations with each release.

After 3 albums and a couple of mixtapes, it’s evident Travis has created a space for himself in an industry overcrowded with sound-alikes.

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