Young Thug’s Top 10 Songs

There are not too many artists that define the new generation hip-hop better than Young Thug. From cross-dressing to extremely controversial album arts, Young Thug represents how much the game has changed.

Most will agree that Lil Wayne laid the foundation for most of our present-day rappers. But Wayne never went the extreme like Thugger. Young Thug himself admits to being inspired by Wayne and like his idol, he was mentored by Birdman.

Young Thug came to limelight in early 2014 when he released his monster hit ‘Stoner’. A song which he mesmerized us with his flows. And even though only a few people could make sense of his words, chances are your grand mum turned up to it.

With multitudes of mixtapes and leaked tracks, it is never going to be an easy task selecting 10 tracks from the archive.

If you are not yet on the Young Thug train perhaps one of these tracks would convince you otherwise.

These songs listed below feature Young Thug as the lead artist.

Best Friend

When I first heard this song, I assumed Young Thug’s best friend was a drug. But it’s far from that, Young thug refers to himself as his best friend.

He is straight out braggadocios and narcissistic on this song. He talks about his various flexing and lavish lifestyle.

The production from Young Shad and Ricky Racks coupled with Thugger’s eccentric flow and voice pitch make this song a Young Thug classic.

Best friend by Young Thug is a party and club favorite.


The importance of this track to Young Thug’s career cannot be overstated. He went from ‘hardly known’ to be the new face of Atlanta’s buzzing trap scene.

He impressed fans with his wavy flow and his articulate way of breaking syllables.

As the song title indicates, Young Thug talks about his love for drugs particularly marijuana. In usual Young Thug fashion, he switches topics without hesitation.

The beat from Dun Deal is gnarly and invigorating.

The amazing thing about Young Thug is you don’t even have to know the meaning of lyrics to the song to get turnt.

Young Thug delivers a club and streets banger.

F Cancer (Quavo)

Young Thug’s friend Boosie went through surgery to remove tumours from his kidney. This song is inspired by his friends’ travails with cancer. He features a member of the Migos trinity ‘Quavo’.

F cancer is the first track on Young Thugs I’m Up mixtape which dropped in 2016.

Produced by Resource and Mike Will Made-it, it’s an upbeat and bouncy beat.

In classic Thugger fashion, he makes little mention of cancer in the song. His topics vary from popping perkys to drinking Actavis, not something you want to be doing when in cancer recovery. Quavo appears in the third verse talking about his diamonds and women.

F cancer is far from what you expect in lyrical terms, but a great show of energy and distinct flows make it a favorite.

Danny Glover

“Who the fuck told you that Young Thugger Thugger doesn’t fuck up the beat?”

Young Thug is Danny Glover from Lethal weapon saving these hoes. This is Thugger in his most narcissistic and egocentric form.

Released in November of 2013, Danny Glover was produced by Southside and according to Thug’s engineer Alex Tumay was recorded in 7 minutes.

He switches flows effortlessly and smoothly. A song so wavy, Nicki Minaj had to go out of her way to make a remix.

Givenchy (Birdman)

This is the first track off his 2014 collaborative project with Rich Homie Quan.

Produced by the same man behind Stoner, Dun Deal. Givenchy refers to the legendary French luxury brand. It is not uncommon for rappers to name songs after such luxury brands. Versace by the Atlanta trap trio Migos comes to mind.

It features his mentor Birdman, who gives a Dj Khaled kind of performance. He doesn’t sing or rap but the song starts with Baby describing his fancy lifestyle, and with his account balance you are bound to listen.

Thug doesn’t hide his love for the fancy things of life and Givenchy is his reminder to us.

Some More

‘Metro Boomin want some more nigga’

If you are a trap fan, you have probably heard that producer tag on one of superstar producer Metro Boomin’s numerous songs.

Young Thug name drops the producers he has the closest ties with. Sonny Digital and TM88 also get shoutouts.

It’s nice to see artists appreciate their producers. Most fans ignore the amount of work they put into the music, with most accolades going to the artists.

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Lifestyle (Rich Quan Homie)

Rich Quan Homie and Young Thug formed a group that propelled Young Thug to stardom and unfortunately its Quan’s most popular project. The duo released an archive of street certified bangers, however, Lifestyle is at the zenith of them all.

Released in June of 2014, lifestyle became a street classic. Produced by London on tha track, the duo brings an incredible amount of energy to this track.

On Lifestyle Young Thug admits he’s been through a lot to get to where he is today.

Rich Homie Quan claims to have gone sleepless nights to feed his family.

Lifestyle is both a flex in your face and motivational song all at once.

Relationship (Future)

The chemistry between Future and Young Thug is highly philic on this track. The duo would go on to release a collaborative project in 2017 titled ‘Super Slimey’.

The duo exchange melodies over a 2000 RnB themed instrumental. I can’t but imagine Future and Thugger being artists at that time. Perhaps they ould have been ahead of their time, but who truly knows?

It was released in 2017 as a single off his Beautiful Thugger Girls album and produced by Bl$$d.

The duo blesses us with unique and eccentric flows, with Future admitting to his many woman problems.

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Power was released in 2015 off the first of the Slime Season series. Produced by London on tha track, it highlights Young Thugs power obsession. In usual Thug fashion, he doesn’t stay on topic for too long.

Young Thug talks about using his money and luxuries to control women. He sounds laid back and calm and it definitely works with the song.


In Thugger’s interview with Clique, he said “Cause at any given time I could learn something and I really want to express it right when I learn it, like, ‘Oh wow, pull the beat up. I got a check, like, I just got a check: 650,000. I’m in the studio, she brings me the check. I’m like, ‘What the fuck. I’m like, ‘Got a check I got a check,’ and just made a song”.

A lot of people who have shared a studio with him have given credibility to the authenticity and simplicity of his recording process. Some of his best verses have been one-take freestyles.

Produced by London on Tha Track, Young Thug talks about all the new money he’s been getting and how he lavishly spends it.

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